Is Black Magic Real?

Is black magic real

Is black magic real?

As someone who has been in the business of helping people use magic to achieve their dreams in life, I am used to being asked, is black magic real? This is a question that comes from a space of doubt even though I know the people who ask the question are really looking for help in an aspect of their life which is bothering them. Hence, in this article, I want to deal with this question.

What's black magic?

Traditionally, black magic is looked at as the employment of magic or supernatural powers for accomplishing ends that are often both evil and selfish. Basically, the word black in this kind of magic makes it the opposite of white magic. Hence, when people want to know how to get black magic they often do so under the cover of darkness because they do not want to be associated with being malicious and evil. I will deal with whether black magic is evil later on in this article.

The origins of black magic can be traced back to the ancient times when people worshiped spirits. Not a lot has changed since those early days except the fact that in the times we live today, there seems to be a clearer line between white and black magic. Nowadays, there also seems to be a change as the focus is shifting into how to practice black magic when people decide whether the magic is bad or not. Those who use magic and witchcraft for evil and selfish purposes are said to be using black magic even if they are using white magic to accomplish this.

Does black magic really work?

Together with the question as to whether black magic really works, comes another one, does black magic really exist? In other words, people asking this question are actually asking the question, is black magic true? Some will ask, is magic real? Now, this is a question I will attempt to answer.

Let's start by saying, indeed black magic does exist because if it didn't, we would not have been talking about it now. Maybe the real question that you want to be asking is, does black magic work? This is a question that I will also attempt to answer before I get to the end of this article.

I always say that whether something exists or it doesn't is a construction of the person doing the thinking. No matter how much evidence I can give you about the reality of something unless your brain wants to believe it, you will never believe that it exists. This is the reason why I often ask people to never make a decision based on what someone else believes but rather to make their own decisions based on the reality they see. By this, I mean that you should never dismiss an idea based on the views of someone else.

Also, do you believe if black magic did not work or even exists, so many people would still be believing in it across the world? Because people fear to be judged, there are actually more people in the world who believe in black magic and who have used it to change their lives than you will ever believe.

Is black magic bad?

The reason why many people would answer this question with yes is the fact that black magic is often used by people with ulterior motives. However, I always argue that something can never be bad on its own. I always use the analog of the knife: it can kill and it can help prepare a meal that can give life. So, is a knife bad? To the one who has been harmed, it is, to the one who has received a well-prepared meal, it is not. The same applies to black magic.

How to do black magic

Like anything else in life, in order to be able to do black magic, you will need to have the skills it takes. This is where spellcasters like myself come in. I will teach you about the different types of magic you can use and the purposes for which you can use it. I will patiently take you through the ingredients that you should use when you perform different kinds of black magic.

One of the most important things, if you are going to use black magic for anything in your life, is to ensure that you are in the right state of mind. Whether you accomplish the things you want using black magic will depend on your beliefs and how strong they are. Any doubt on your part will interfere with the manner in which the spirits work and you will end up being one of those that say that black magic does not work.

Take a leap of faith

If you still want to know how to practice black magic to dramatically transform your life, send me an email today. You have nothing to lose. You are starting a journey of consciousness that is only reserved for a few who will see their lives being lived to their full potential.

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