Revenge Spells To Hurt An Enemy

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revenge spells

Revenge Spells

I have often heard people saying that there is no need ever to revenge. Well, I also agree with this notion but only to a certain extent. I believe that there is no need to revenge when someone has made a genuine mistake with revenge spells, and they are willing to apologize for it and change their ways. If someone is intentionally attempting to harm you for no reason, I have no right to judge you if you believe that revenge may be the best answer.

Voodoo revenge spells

Every time someone comes to me to tell me that they are considering using a voodoo revenge spell, I often ask a straightforward question. Have you tried everything else? Remember that the universe gives you back what you cast out. Casting revenge spells could quickly lead to a vicious circle where you leave the life of revenge. Consider sending energy that is positive to your enemy instead.

Free revenge spells

I know that in the space of anger and betrayal, it’s easy to believe that the only solution available to you is to revenge and see the person that wronged you suffer. However, that’s not how the universe works. The fact that you now know that the person you want to revenge against is your enemy, you can start protecting yourself from them using all the other protection spells we have discussed before. If you don’t know how to go about this, please send me a private email, and we can take this discussion further.

Spells for revenge

As I said in the beginning, I believe that spells for revenge should be the last option you ever use, mainly if you feel that someone is becoming a threat to your life. You have every right to protect yourself. However, never look at revenge spells as your first point of defense, instead, go with a protection spell.

Voodoo spells for revenge

I know that I have already made myself clear about what I believe about revenge spells, including voodoo spells for revenge, but if you still think that the only thing that will give you the peace you deserve is to cast such a spell, I have no right to judge you.

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