Vampire Spells That Work During The Day

Vampire Spells That Work During The Day

Vampire spells that work during the day

Anyone who wants to become a vampire has to decide whether they will be a vampire during the day or during the night. Now, it’s essential to make this decision because the way you cast a spell to become a vampire during the day is much different from that used by someone who wants to be a vampire during the night.

Vampire transformation spells

Vampire transformation spells are not child’s play. Hence, I warn you now that you should be prepared for real stuff if you want to transform and become a vampire. For instance, you may be requested to drink the blood of 13 bats, yes 13 bats, and they have to have died a natural death. This is not all; you will also need to drink two cups of blood from a goat.

Vampire transformation spells that work

Blood is central to vampire transformation spells that work. Well, you may be asking yourself why we often specify that the blood must come from a goat. The answer is simple; the goat is Satan's favorite pet. Now you know.

Vampire spells that work in one night

Maybe you want to be a vampire overnight. Well, this too is possible. If you want the spell to work, you will need to cast it at night. What time is night? You may be asking. The night is around 9 in the evening. Always make sure that you are alone when you say the chant.

Spells to become a vampire instantly

Since I have already indicated that I do not offer help in casting spells to become a vampire, I am not one that can tell you whether there are spells to become a vampire instantly. Some of my friends tell me that this will require the blood of a real vampire if you want the spell to work straight away.

Spells to become a real vampire

Before I end this article, let me warn you that spells to become a real vampire can have some side effects. Some of the most common side effects include painful teeth; you will not be able to eat or go near garlic, I have already referred to the issue that you will start lasting for blood. Oh, another thing, don't be surprised when you are no longer able to see yourself in the mirror.

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